Chromecast Revisited

I'm a huge fan of the Chromecast, the small streaming dongle from google. And I already wrote about the first version here: Chromecast. There where always rumours that a Chromecast 2 is around the corner. And now it happened. They have finally presented one with features I'm waiting since I bought the first one. Mostly 5ghz WLAN, I don't understand why the first Chromecast was lacking this.


I use my Chromecast mostly for three apps: BeyondPod (which is the best podcast client on android), Plex (self hosted netflix) and YouTube (a platform for videos, you know that, right?). And these are the three apps I tested with the new Chromecast. Nothing really surprising but all these apps are much smother to use, which is cool. Also nice was the on-boarding experience.

New is the Chromcast Audio, which is at least for me not that exciting. But this is probably because I already have a Sonos sound system and I build something quite similar called Radio Pi. But interesting is the price point it's much cheaper than Sonos and even cheaper than a self build solution with a Raspberry Pi.

So if you have already a Chromecast there is no real reason to upgrade, but it's a nice to have. If you haven't one it's a good time to buy one.