Balccon2k15 Trip Report

If you follow me on twitter you probably saw that I was at BalCCon2k15. It was fun. I really enjoy this smaller events, the larger events like the CCCongress are very cool, but sometimes just a bit too much to handle for me. So what is BalCCon2k15? It stands for Balkan Computer Congress and is organized by LUGoNS the Linux Users Group of Novi Sad. This year was the 3th edition and everything was well planed and organized. Meaning the WLAN worked fine, even if it was a bit slower than normally on such events. But hey you don't need much WLAN to socialize.

On the first day I helped to deploy WLAN AP. As you can see we did this like professionals! Also there was a loop for bits.

bit loop and wlan ap

The location was a museum of some sort and it was perfect. Enough space, but not to much that you think it's empty. And they had a painted tank. I mean how cool is that.

painted tank

I can't say much about the talks. Because I only attended three or four. If you planning on building your own backbone you should watch "lecture: how you could build a backbone". And then there was that one talk which was very impressive, it was about "Touchless Control in Our World". It was held by Onuralp SEZER. He showed a 3D printed arm which can be controlled by Myo. I don't think there will be a recording for that, so here is just an image of it. (And if Onuralp SEZER writes about it I will include here a link to the project)

3D printed arm

Oh and the food was absolutely amazing.


Some images are made by @4x01071, thanks!