I Killed My Digital Ocean Droplet

I'm not at vBSDcon but I'm at BalCCon2k15 which is a small conference in serbia (and very cool). So while I was scrolling through my RSS feeds I saw that FreeBSD 10.2 is released. As usual I rush things which means I didn't made a backup of my droplet. Kids always do a backup beforehand, if you do things like a kernel update. Not exactly sure why but I heard it helps a lot if you fuck up. And yeah I fuck up a lot. Anyway what happened was I ran

freebsd-update fetch install
freebsd-update -r 10.2
freebsd-update install

And after the reboot nothing. Cool, at least DigitalOcean has a HTML5 VNC. Of course this doesn't work with Firefox. And it's very buggy. But it's enough to figure out whats happening. And I needed to configure my local keyboard to U.S English to type characters like / (still no idea why). At this point I was able to access my droplet over VNC where I didn't had Internet. I found out that a Interface without a IP address does basically nothing. Long story short you need to configure the Interface yourself. Still not exactly sure why I didn't need to do it after the first setup. Anyway adding the interface configuration to my rc.config restart my networking and routing and how would suspected that my droplet is back online.

What I'm trying to tell you dear reader, do proper backups beforehand.