Install Ruby With Rvm

I explained today how you install ruby with rvm for a friend.

I thought it would be nice if I summarize this a bit.

First of all you want a ruby version manager there is rbenv or rvm and many more. But why you want this? Simply because you never know if you want to test something in an older version or with jruby. I assume that you are running a Linux with bash as your shell.

##Enough blabla

Install rvm

\curl -sSL | bash

Load rvm

source .bash_profile

Enable autolib

rvm autolib enable

Install the lastest MRI Ruby

rvm install ruby


Why rvm and not rbev or X is much better than rvm, sure go ahead and use whatever you like (I don't care). And what does autolib? Autolib is a new feature of rvm which install the right native libraries for your system.