Lack The Rack Part I

I got some 19 inch server. The problem I don't have a rack for it. So there are two options buy for a truck load of money a rack or build one on my own. So just buying a rack sounds boring, and I don't have a truck load of money.

First step

To build your own rack you need a table from Ikea called lack. They are available in different colours and cost around 5$ -15$. They are exactly 19" and you can stack multiple of them to a large rack.


I invest some hours, to paint on the front site a logo.

img img img img img img


The assembly of the table is so easy, that I think even a monkey can do it.

##Mount the server

My servers are kind of short, so I need to attach them from the backside a bit.

img img

And as you can see a 19" fit perfect in a lack table.

img img