Mount Nexus 5 On Fedora

I connect my phone with my laptop. And surprise it doesn't work.

So I google around and based on this: mounting nexus 4 via MTP in Fedora 17 I found a solution. (at least for Fedora 20 and Nexus 5 with MTP).

Install libs:

sudo yum -y install fuse fuse-libs libmtp simple-mtpfs

Update your udev rules:

sudo vim /etc/udev/rules.d/51-nexus.rules

#LG – Nexus 5
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", MODE="0666"

For Nexus 4 it's possible something like:

#Nexus 4
SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="4ee1", MODE="0666"

Now just add aliases for it. For that add to your .bashrc these lines:

alias nexusmount="simple-mtpfs ~/your/mount/point"
alias nexusumount="fusermount -u ~/your/mount/point"

Now reboot to reload your udev rules and load the new modules.

After that just mount and unmount your device.


There is a list with vendore id's

Company USB Vendor ID
Acer 0502
ASUS 0b05
Dell 413c
Foxconn 0489
Fujitsu 04c5
Fujitsu Toshiba 04c5
Garmin-Asus 091e
Google 18d1
Haier 201E
Hisense 109b
HTC 0bb4
Huawei 12d1
Intel 8087
K-Touch 24e3
KT Tech 2116
Kyocera 0482
Lenovo 17ef
LG 1004
Motorola 22b8
MTK 0e8d
NEC 0409
Nook 2080
Nvidia 0955
OTGV 2257
Pantech 10a9
Pegatron 1d4d
Philips 0471
PMC-Sierra 04da
Qualcomm 05c6
SK Telesys 1f53
Samsung 04e8
Sharp 04dd
Sony 054c
Sony Ericsson 0fce
Sony Mobile Communications 0fce
Teleepoch 2340
Toshiba 0930
ZTE 19d2