Binaergewitter Sticker

Wie vermutlich die meisten von euch wissen, bin ich "Profi Podcast Hörer". Und so als Profi möchte man sich auch mal ein Sticker seines Lieblings Podcast auf den Laptop kleben.

Die Jungs von Binargewitter haben zwar mal gesagt das es Sticker geben wird aber so lange kann ich nicht warten, also hab ich mich bereit erklärt Sticker zu machen.


So würden die Sticker aussehen und vermutlich 2x6 zoll gross sein. (falls sich jemand findet der was hübscheres designen kann,

Wer jetzt auch so Sticker möchte, schreibt mir doch kurz eine Mail ( wie viele und wie viel Geld ihr dafür ausgeben würdet.

Wenn etwas daraus wird werde ich sie sicher an den 31c3 mitbringen oder gegen den Aufpreis von ~5 euro in ein Couvert stecken und an euch senden.

Allow Raw Sockets Per Jail

This is more a note for me than a blog post. I struggle a bit with allowing raw sockets on a per jail basis. But if you know how it's done, it's not really hard. At least not with ezjail where you have a per jail config file. Let's say you need raw sockets in a jail named 'examplejail' you just need to add:

export jail_examplejail_parameters="allow.raw_sockets=1"

to the config file which you find under /usr/local/etc/ezjail/examplejail.

Restart ezjail and \o/ you have access from your examplejail to the raw sockets.

My Db9 Adapter

I just want to share with you my awesome setup to connect with BD-9.

old laptop

The laptop run still Debian 6 and everything work as expectet. O.O


I recently bought a Chromecast. And what should I say, I'm happy with it. The setup was easy as expected, you just plug in your HDMI and connect it with power.

How it looks


The down site

When I bought it, there was only one or two apps I use frequently which support Chromecast. But since then there was a lot movement in this area. A really nice is that google build the "Cast Screen" which allow you to stream you android screen to chromecast. This mean all apps work with chromecast.

The game changer for me personaly was BeyondPod which is super awesome to stream video podcast. An other thing I do regulary is streaming my plex movies to Chromecast.


If you use regularly plex, BeyondPod or YouTube and you have a HDMI screen buy a Cromecast.

Install Ruby With Rvm

I explained today how you install ruby with rvm for a friend.

I thought it would be nice if I summarize this a bit.

First of all you want a ruby version manager there is rbenv or rvm and many more. But why you want this? Simply because you never know if you want to test something in an older version or with jruby. I assume that you are running a Linux with bash as your shell.

Enough blabla

Install rvm

\curl -sSL | bash

Load rvm

source .bash_profile

Enable autolib

rvm autolib enable

Install the lastest MRI Ruby

rvm install ruby


Why rvm and not rbev or X is much better than rvm, sure go ahead and use whatever you like (I don't care). And what does autolib? Autolib is a new feature of rvm which install the right native libraries for your system.